Welcome to the Student Aerospace Advisory Council!

The Student Aerospace Advisory Council was founded in 1974 by the school's namesake, John D. Odegard. Its goal is to facilitate the communication of new ideas, questions, and concerns among the faculty, students, and administration of the Aerospace College at the University of North Dakota.

As a UND Aerospace student, your insight is invaluable. If you have concerns going through the program or suggestions to improve the lives of your peers, SAAC would be honored to act on your feedback. Your words possess the potential to shape the trajectory of the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences for years to come.

The student-led council collaborates closely with the Dean of Aerospace to drive its dual-fold mission. SAAC channels student suggestions into actionable projects that enhance the collegiate experience while also serving as a conduit, translating faculty and administrative policies for the student body. Both work to increase the quality of life for aerospace students.

To get in contact with us reach out to any council member, send us an email at SAACskyward@gmail.com, follow us on Instagram @saac.aero.und, or use one of our anonymous suggestion boxes located throughout the aerospace complex and the airport.

Additionally, students and faculty are encouraged to attend our meetings to share their feedback in person. The Student Aerospace Advisory Council meets every Sunday at 4:00pm in Robin Hall 136.

SAAC Spring 2024 Group Photo