Arjun Jagada, President

Arjun is a junior from the DFW metroplex. He is pursuing majors in Commercial Aviation, Aviation Management, and Aviation Safety and Operations. His passion for aviation stems from a boyish love of all things with wheels. In addition to flying the line, Arjun wants to hold a management or safety position for an airline. Outside of SAAC, Arjun works as an Aerospace Ambassador for the Dean's Office and is also their cover-published photographer. Arjun is eager to help respond to student concerns in his third semester on the council.

Arjun Jagada

Mateo Garcia, Vice President

Mateo Garcia is a senior from Downers Grove, Illinois. He is majoring in Commercial Aviation and Unmanned Aircraft Systems. His passion in aviation stemmed from flying kites and remote control planes as a kid, and his friend taking him to EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh. Mateo hopes to one day fly for a major cargo carrier and eventually become a commercial test pilot. This is Mateo's seventh semester on SAAC, and he is looking forward to voicing concerns and new ideas brought to him by his peers. Other than SAAC, Mateo is the a memeber of the Civil Air Patrol, and an EAA member. In his free time, he enjoys playing pickleball, baseball, frisbee golf, hockey, and enjoys the outdoors. Feel free to say hi to Mateo or contact him with any questions or concerns.

Mateo Garcia

Julianne Lore, Secretary

Julianne Lore is a senior double majoring in Commercial Aviation and Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Julianne was born and raised in a small town just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her aspiration for a career in aviation started at a young age as her mother is a pilot and air traffic controller, as well as a UND alum. Aside from being on SAAC, Julianne is a part of many other student organizations on campus. She is the Vice President of the UND Women in Aviation chapter, is an UpLift peer supporter, and is a part of the Student Aviation Management Association. Julianne has aspirations of becoming an airline pilot for a legacy carrier. Alongside her education and flying, she enjoys baking, swimming, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. Julianne is excited and honored to serve her fourth semester on the council!

Julianne Lore

Kallen Wachi, Treasurer

Kallen Wachi (or Kal) is a senior from the Hawaiian Island of Kaua'i. He is currently majoring in Commercial Aviation, Aviation Safety and Operations, and Communication. In the future, he plans to return to Hawai'i to support transpacific and inter-island flight operations as a commercial pilot, hoping to connect Pacific Islander families and communities with the world. Kal is also the Secretary of the Japanese Cultural Association, the Public Outreach Officer of the Professional Asian Pilots Association UND Chapter, and also serves as an UpLift Peer Supporter. He hopes to bring his mana'o (knowledge), imua (diligence), and aloha (compassion) to serve the students of the Aerospace College and is honored to be part of this great institution.

Kallen Wachi

Zoe Graham (Bundy), Director of Technology

Zoe Graham (Bundy) is a freshman from Fargo, North Dakota, majoring in Commercial Aviation with a minor in Communications. Her passion for aviation was inspired by the incredible aviatrices who pioneered incredible paths for women in the industry. After serving on mission trips to Honduras and completing her private pilot certificate, her dream of humanitarian flight was born. Zoe's goal is to fly for Samaritan's Purse to bring relief supplies to the ends of the earth. On campus, Zoe is involved with SAAC and Cru. She is also a member of the Fargo Women in Aviation and is the marketing coordinator for the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 317. In her free time, Zoe enjoys volunteering in the community, reading, working on creative projects, and researching people doing remarkable things!

Zoe Graham (Bundy)

Julia Raker, Director of Student Outreach

Julia Raker is a sophomore from Mill Creek, Washington majoring in Commercial Aviation and minoring in Spanish. Along with SAAC, Julia is involved in the 99's a women's aviation organization, and serves as the online media director, and is the current vice president of education of Kappa Alpha Theta. Julia was first introduced to aviation through multiple tours of the Boeing factory in Everett, Washington. Although her parents were expecting her to have a passion in engineering, they were pleasantly surprised when Julia chose to come back to North Dakota, where her grandparents also went to college. As the first pilot in the family, she is excited to share her love of aviation with them. This is her first semester on SAAC and she is looking forward to serving the aerospace students and giving back to the community!

Julia Raker

Josh Salmi, Director of Public Relations

Josh is currently a junior studying Aviation Management and Commercial Aviation. Growing up on Air Force bases around the world, he attributes his interest in aviation from exposure to military aviation throughout his childhood. Josh believes in staying active within the school and does so by serving as the President of the Student Aviation Management Association (SAMA), working at the Aviator's Corner and as an Aerospace Student Ambassador for the Dean's Office. Josh hopes to serve as a bridge between students and faculty by helping resolve concerns and informing students about unique career opportunities in their respective fields. Post-graduation, his career goals include joining the business aviation sector as an aircraft salesman and demo pilot.

Josh Salmi

Carson Calhoun, Director of Industry Relations

Carson Calhoun is a junior from Garrison/White Shield, North Dakota majoring in Commercial Aviation. In the future, Carson hopes to apply his education towards an Air National Guard pilot slot while also working in a commercial role. This will be Carson's third semester on SAAC, and he is excited to help improve an always-developing aerospace college. Outside of SAAC, Carson is a Piper Aircraft Brand Ambassador and is the Chair of UND's UpLift program, as well as the Vice President of the Student Aviation Management Association. Besides Carson's passion for flying, he avidly exercises, reads, and spends time outdoors with friends and family. He is excited to share his passion for aerospace and serve the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Science student body to the best of his ability!

Carson Calhoun

Ethan Mathews, Director of Programming

Ethan Mathews is a sophomore from Monument, Colorado majoring in Commercial Aviation with Specializations in Business Aviation and Aviation Safety and a minor in Political Science. His passion for aviation stemmed from hearing stories about his great-grandfather's time in the Army flying both fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft. Ethan believes in giving back to UND Aerospace, and in addition to SAAC, enjoys volunteering his time with the Student Aviation Management Association as Conference Director and the Aviation Education Student Outreach Program as Secretary, as well as working as a Student Ambassador in the Aerospace Dean's Office. Outside of aviation, he enjoys hiking, biking, cooking, and reading. One day, Ethan hopes to fly for United Airlines and looks forward to an exciting future ahead.

Ethan Mathews