Frequently Asked Questions

Student Aerospace Advisory Council

The Student Aerospace Advisory Council was created in 1974 by John D. Odegard. Its purpose is to use student feedback to address concerns and implement new ideas in the college, while helping to communicate the aviation faculty and administration's views to students.

SAAC is composed of 10-12 students who are enrolled in multiple different flight courses or aviation classes here at UND Aerospace. Together, the members of SAAC act as a bridge between the students and the faculty/administration.

There is a suggestion box outside of our office in Odegard Hall Room 101. A comment can be also submitted via our SAAC e-mail. We can also be reached on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

A student that expresses interest in becoming a member must fill out an application and go through an interview process with the current SAAC officers. Interviews are at the end of every semester.

Each officer is given a position, such as Director of Public Outreach, Director of Student Outreach, Director of Industry Relations, etc. Every officer has their own projects to work on throughout the semester and updates the progress of projects at each weekly meeting.

Learn about flight course enrollment on the UND Aerospace website.

You can look at a list of our recent accomplishments to learn more.