Collegiate Mentorship Program

The SAAC Collegiate Mentorship Program provides an opportunity for new students to meet friends and learn more about navigating life on campus as a student at the Odegard School. The goal of the Collegiate Mentorship Program is to connect incoming students with their more experienced peers to create a connection and source of advice for students that are new to the college.

Interested students will be paired with a mentor who has a similar background, educational goals, or career goals. These mentors are there to share their experiences, offer advice, answer questions, and highlight student resources on campus.

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The requirement to apply is that students have completed at least two semesters in the College of Aerospace. Even recently-graduated students who currently work as a UND CFI are eligible to apply. Each of us has likely benefited from mentorship at some point during our time in college. Being a mentor is a great opportunity to provide incoming students with that experience.

Mentors are expected to communicate with their assigned mentees for one academic year. It is recommended that mentors reach out to their assigned mentees at least twice a semester, but each individual is unique and further outreach is encouraged.

If this opportunity interests you, please consider applying and positively affecting the experiences of incoming UND students.

If you'd like to express your interest in joining this program as a mentor, please submit the form below.

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Have Questions? Need More Information?

We're here to help! View our FAQs below or email for more information about the SAAC Collegiate Mentorship Program.

Any student that is new to campus, including incoming freshmen and transfer students of any level, is eligible as long as they have declared a major in the College of Aerospace.

Our goal is to pair mentees with their mentors as soon as possible, but timing may vary depending on when you apply. We will try to communicate an estimated timeline with applicants via email after they submit an application.

The mentorship program is designed to be flexible in order to meet the needs of each individual. Mentees are encouraged to reach out to their mentors as often as they desire. Some mentees will talk with their mentors weekly, others monthly, and some only a handful of times throughout the semester; each pairing is different. At a minimum we recommend that mentors interact with their mentees at least twice a semester.

Length of mentorship depends on the individual participants. Each mentor is expected to remain in touch with mentees regularly for at least one academic year. There are no requirements beyond that, but we hope a mentoring relationship forms which lasts many years.

Due to a variety of reasons, sometimes mentor/mentee pairings do not work out. We are committed to helping find a pairing that will work best for you. If you would like to change mentors or remove yourself from the mentorship program, please email us at and we will do everything we can to assist you.